Come Together, Grow Together!

60 years of Toastmasters in Taiwan!


This year’s conference theme is Come Together, Grow Together, as ‘we’ have been doing for over 60 years as Toastmasters in Taiwan. The first club in Taiwan was Taipei Toastmasters Club (no. 1890; chartered January 1, 1958) and it is still going strong with 30 members today!


We are taking the grand opportunity to celebrate this magnificent 60 years anniversary of Toastmasters in Taiwan with none other than our Toastmasters International, International President, Lark Doley, DTM. It is no coincidence that the color theme of the 2019 Annual Conference in Kaohsiung is black and gold as we want to create the warmest welcome for Lark Doley, whose personal brand is gold. This will be a golden conference!


The 2018-2019 Toastmasters year so far has been one of tremendous effort and achievement by members from all over District 67, Taiwan. Where there is achievement, there is challenge, too. It’s been a year of meaningful challenges as we work to understand Pathways in more detail, supporting clubs through the Club Coach Program, and welcoming new clubs to our big family.


Whether it is starting a new project or level in Pathways or saying ‘yes’ to being a Club Coach, New Club Sponsor or Mentor, or even to take on an area director or club officer role for next term, all of these are examples of the challenges we (as Toastmasters) take on for the purpose of improving ourselves and developing others. While it’s not always easy, it is certainly an extremely satisfying feeling when we achieve our goals. Say ‘yes’ to your next challenge!


It is time to sit back and enjoy all that this conference will bring you in terms of excitement, knowledge and networking with your fellow Toastmasters. I can’t wait to see you in Kaohsiung at the beautiful 85 Sky Tower Hotel. Let’s Come Together, Grow Together!






今年大會的主題是「齊聚一堂,一齊成長」,我們在這六十年一起度過了風風雨雨,一起互相勉勵,一起學習。台灣的第一個分會「台北英語會」(分會編號: 1890)創立於195811日,並且至今都還非常的建在,擁有高達30個會員! 


我們利用這個難能可貴的機會和我們國際演講協會總會長 Lark Doley, DTM 女士一起慶祝中華民國國際演講協會今年滿六十週年!今年在高雄的2019年年度大會的主題顏色是黑色和金色其實並不意外,因為我們要用最溫暖的方式歡迎Lark Doley女士而她自身最熱愛的顏色就是金色。這將會是一場金碧輝煌的大會!



Simone Nash 吳慧妮, DTM, TC5, IP4, EH1

District Director 總會長 2018-2019