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World Champion Keynote only available in LIVE Webinar, no live streaming or recording due to copyright.



Registration ensures priority for D67 members.

Receive email notification of Zoom ID/ link after registration.

我們會以67區的會員為優先, 所以請大家註冊。

註冊後受到email通知Zoom ID/連結。

All other programs will be live-streamed and recorded. 其他節目都有直播及錄影。

Good news! Mandarin simultaneous interpretation will be provided for both morning & afternoon keynote speeches. 好消息!在上午和下午的專題演講中有中文同步翻譯。

各位親愛的會友, 2021年D67區,有史以來第一次線上年會即將登場囉!

Dear District 67 members, the 2021 Annual Conference, our very first online conference is almost here!



We have arranged 2 outstanding keynote speeches, one by a world champion of public speaking, the other by a TEDx speaker. Furthermore, we will have 4 educational training workshops in 4 different languages! They are all past winners of district level contests!




You don't want to miss it! See you April 17.

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